Africa Day 2014

During this year’s (2014) Africa Day we went out to the streets of downtown Bloemfontein to get the people’s views regarding the change that they would like to see in Africa. This was done with the help of a white A1 Cardboard and a box of crayons. We offered random people in downtown Bloemfontein the […]

Basotho Blanket Exhibition

Earlier this year I attended a Basotho blanket exhibition at the Oliewenhuis Art Gallery in Bloemfontein. To be honest I was taken aback by the whole exhibition. Basotho blankets, according to my views at the the time, were cultural artifacts that belonged in their own isolated sphere. So to see the blankets in an artistic […]

Street Journal – Hair Salons

For this Street Journal post I took photos at two hair salons in downtown Bloemfontein. The names of the hair salons downtown are quite interesting. The hair salon which drew my attention was aptly named, “Apocalypse Mixt Salon”. I actually got a haircut after taking some photos of the place. It was not as the […]

Street Journal – Geometry

Geometry and repetition was the aim of this street journal shoot. I wanted to identify spaces and objects which created a pattern or formed an interesting composition. There are a lot of spaces in downtown Bloemfontein which at first seem ordinary. Only after close inspection does one realise the beauty of the spaces that we […]

Street Journal – Night time

Some photos taken at night. Taking photos at night requires a compromise between noise and light. Sometimes the noise in a photo is a necessary compromise in order to capture the right light. As a budding photographer these photos taught me a lot about exposure.              

Street Journal – The guys

Bloemonday would not be the same without the the guys that provided not only the moral support, but also the time and commitment required to make a project like this work. A special thank you to: Nkox, Letsima, and Pontsho. This post is just for the guys. These photos were taken while working on various […]