Street Photography

Street Journal – People

This Street Journal post is of some of the people in downtown Bloemfontein. A lot of these photos were taken without the subjects posing. The subjects did, however get to view the photos directly from the camera. This was done, because a lot of people do not seem to trust camera’s these day. So many […]

Street Journal – Hair Salons

For this Street Journal post I took photos at two hair salons in downtown Bloemfontein. The names of the hair salons downtown are quite interesting. The hair salon which drew my attention was aptly named, “Apocalypse Mixt Salon”. I actually got a haircut after taking some photos of the place. It was not as the […]

Street Journal – Geometry

Geometry and repetition was the aim of this street journal shoot. I wanted to identify spaces and objects which created a pattern or formed an interesting composition. There are a lot of spaces in downtown Bloemfontein which at first seem ordinary. Only after close inspection does one realise the beauty of the spaces that we […]

Street Journal – Night time

Some photos taken at night. Taking photos at night requires a compromise between noise and light. Sometimes the noise in a photo is a necessary compromise in order to capture the right light. As a budding photographer these photos taught me a lot about exposure.