Fire – Music Video

I collaborated with a talented musician and producer, Thembile Dumayi and a fellow artist by the name of Nex. The artists are from Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu respectively. The music video was inspired by the different locations that the artists come from and how the artists themselves form a part of those locations. With this project I explored representing the environment using different mediums. Photography was used to capture still moments while the video captures the artists actively engaging with the abandoned spaces. There are quite a lot of abandoned buildings in Thaba Nchu, where the video was shot. The locations that we chose were dead spaces which had little use. These spaces provided the video with an interesting backdrop. The name of the song is “Fire”. Fire can represent both life and destruction. The abandoned spaces had already been bereft of life and purpose. So the video and the photography that goes along with the project was about bringing life back to the dead spaces.





This is an abandoned house in Thaba Nchu. The house has a lot character and it was important to capture the space in its natural state. We wanted the space to speak for itself and not get lost in the heavy editing that seems to be prevalent in a lot of photos these days.




The relationship between the subject and the background was interesting in these photos. The two compliment each other without drawing too much attention to one or the other. The contrast between old and new is also what inspired the composition.



This photo was taken inside the factory where we shot the video. Thembile just randomly hopped onto the structure and it made for a good photo.




Here are some photos taken of Nex. The factory where these photos were taken was pretty run down, but it added an interesting element to the photo.




It was hard to just edit the photos without including a little bit of graphic design. So I gave in and did a bit of tweaking here and there. All the graphics that are added in the image below are just redrawn from the graffiti that was already on the wall. The graphics are suppose to add to the existing atmosphere and not detract from it. Its always good to have a balance within everything that we do.


Thembile Vector Design


The last two photos were taken in the bus on the way back home after the location scouting. There was a calm atmosphere in the bus at that time of the night.






It was a great pleasure working on this project and getting to meet so many different artists.


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