World Book Day – Thomas Mofolo

Yesterday, 23 April, was World Book Day. Various institutions celebrated the day by hosting dialogue sessions between the public and notable authors. Bloemonday created a digital painting of Thomas Mofolo to honour his contribution towards African literature. The painting has been printed on canvas and will be donated to the National Literature Museum in Bloemfontein which hosted a World Book Day event on the day.

Thomas Mofolo was born in Khojane, Lesotho on 22 December 1876 and he passed away on 8 September 1948. He was educated in the local school of the Paris Evangelical Missionary Society. While working at the book depot in Morija he was encouraged to write what was to become the first novel in Southern Sotho, Moeti oa bochabela in 1907.

Mofolo’s magnum opus is considered to be the book Chaka, a fictionalized account account of the Zulu conquerer, which was published in 1925. The book has been translated into multiple languages across the globe and it still serves as a source of inspiration for writers from all walks of life.

Thomas Mofolo- Chaka cover

Thomas Mofolo- Chaka front cover (image obtained from Google Books)


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